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MuseWelcome to Classical Studies at Rice. Our department boasts a faculty composed of first-rate scholars and teachers whose range of expertise reflects all the current major areas of research in Classics. We offer traditional instruction in Greek and Latin at all levels, together with a wide range of courses, taught in translation, on the literature, philosophy, history, art, and culture of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Please follow the links on this page to learn more about our faculty, our (two-track) major, Latin, Greek, and Classics courses currently being offered, our Classical Legacy program, and our biennial study trip to Rome.


Ted SomervilleTed Somerville
Ted Somerville is a lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies, having earned his Ph.D. from Harvard in May of 2007. His research interests include Greek and Roman poetry, historical linguistics, genre, allusion, poetics, and metrics. He is in the process of turning his dissertation 'Ovid and the Tradition of Exile Elegy' into a book, and writing articles principally on the minor Latin poets. His recent publications include "The Literary Merit of the New Gallus" (/Classical Philology /104.1 (2009)) and "The Pleonasm of the New Gallus, and the Gallus of the Monobiblos" (/Mnemosyne/ 62.2 (2009)).


Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Trip to Rome

A three-week course in Rome and Naples that provides on-site study of the major monuments of Rome and the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Open to non-majors.  For more information, please contact Professor Scott McGill (smcgill@rice.edu) and visit this page.

View pictures from 2008 trip.

More study abroad opportunities: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies at Rome and Catania, Sicily

Classical Legacy Program  

Classical Legacy Program 


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Current Courses

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